Toll Collect operates the world’s first satellite-based toll system. The company
collects and invoices road usage charges for trucks weighing 12 tonnes or more on
motorways and selected trunk roads in Germany. An innovative technique using
a combination of wireless and satellite technologies ensures reliable charging
and billing. The system supports environmental protection because the amount of
toll charged is based on the number of vehicle axles and the emission class. The
toll system contributes significantly to the financing of transport infrastructure in

Each day, some 500 Toll Collect employees work to ensure smooth system
operation with a detection accuracy rate of 99.9%. This reliable operation secures
several billion Euros in revenue for the German federal budget. System operating
costs are currently equivalent to around 11.2% of revenue. About 140,000
transport and logistics companies from 41 countries and more than 700,000
vehicles are registered with Toll Collect.

Toll Collect GmbH shareholders include Daimler Financial Services AG (45%),
Deutsche Telekom AG (45%) and Cofiroute (10%). The client is the German Federal
Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, represented by the
Federal Office for Goods Transport.