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International Transport Forum/OECD Resources



Stakeholder and Other External Resources

Spending on Transport Infrastructure 1995-2011. Trends, Policies, Data

 Funding cycling infrastructure: Time for national authorities to step up!

Understanding the Value of Transport Infrastructure. Guidelines for macro-level measurement of spending and assets


 The European Disability Forum's statement on Funding Transport
Airports in the Aviation Value Chain: Financing, Returns, Risk and Investment
Michael W. TRETHEWAY & Kate MARKHVIDA, InterVISTAS Consulting, Canada
Discussion Paper No 2013-15, May 2013
 UNECE Road and Rail Financing Conference
The Potential of Private Institutional Investors for the Financing of Transport Infrastructure
{C}{C}{C}Rajiv SHARMA, International Transport Forum
Discussion Paper No 2013-14, May 2013
 Aviation policy framework
Government framework for policy on aviation

UK Department for Transport
March 2013

Public Private Partnership in National Highways: Indian Perspective
Gajendra HALDEA, Planning Commission, Government of India
Discussion Paper No 2013-11, April 2013

 Banking on Infrastructure: Enhancing State Revolving Funds for Transportation
By Robert Puentes and Jennifer Thompson
September 2012

Budgeting and Reporting for Public-Private Partnerships
Katja FUNKE, Tim IRWIN  & Isabel RIAL, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C. USA
Discussion Paper No 2013-07, April 2013

 Infrastructure Funding and Delivery: An Action Plan for Change
By Parsons Brinckerhoff (Balfour Beatty plc)
February 2012

Better Regulation of Public-Private Partnerships for Transport Infrastructure. Summary and Conclusions.
Stephen PERKINS, International Transport Forum
Discussion Paper No 2013-06, April 2013

 Report on “Long-term Finance and Economic Growth”
Alternative ways of financing infrastructure investment. Potential for ‘novel’ financing models
Andrew MEANEY and Peter HOPE, Oxera Consulting Ltd, Oxford, United Kingdom
Discussion Paper No 2012-07, September 2012
Modèles alternatifs de financement desinvestissements dans les infrastructures : Les perspectives offertes par les modèles de financement « innovants » Cliquer pour télécharger

Report on  « Zukunft der Verkehrsinfrastrukturfinanzierung »

Kommission « Zukunft der Verkehrsinfrastrukturfinanzierung »

December 2012

The Fantasy World of Private Finance for Transport via Public Private Partnerships
Jean SHAOUL, Anne STAFFORD and Pam STAPLETON, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Discussion Paper No 2012-06, September 2012
Le rêve utopiques du financement privé des transports par les partenariats public-privé.   Cliquer pour télécharger
When to Invest in High-Speed Rail Links and Networks?
Chris NASH, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Discussion Paper No 2009-16, December 2009
How Transport Costs Shape the Spatial Pattern of Economic Activity
Jacques-François THISSE, CORE, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris
Discussion Paper No 2009-13, December 2009


The Economic Effects of High Speed Rail Investment
Ginés DE RUS, University of Las Palmas, Spain
Discussion Paper No 2008-16, revised May 2012
Les effets économiques de l'investissement dans le rail à grande vitesse. Cliquer pour télécharger


Economic Benefits of Investment in Transport Infrastructure
Jeffrey P. COHEN, University of Hartford, USA
Discussion Paper No 2007-13, December 2007
Mobilising Private Investment in Sustainable Transport: The case of land-based passenger transport infrastructure
GĂ©raldine Ang & Virginie Marchal
OECD Environment Working Paper
May 2013

Strategic Transport Infrastructure Needs to 2030


Infrastructure Needs and Pension Investments: Creating the Perfect Match
In  Financial Market Trends, 2011, Issue 1

The Performance of Road Transport Infrastructure and its Links to Policies
Henrik BRACONIER, Mauro PISU & Debra BLOCH  
OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 1016