Finnish transport policy is undergoing a major reform. We are in the process of creating new transport policy which places greater focus on the users and gives an emphasis on broad-based cooperation. As a result, we will be able to ensure a smoothly-functioning transport system and people's well-being. This aim is also supported by the agency reform that took place in the Ministry's administrative branch three years ago - the government agencies operating in the transport field were merged into two new organisations which cover all modes of transport.

With the help of new transport policy, we are striving to create fresh opportunities for innovations and for new business activities. This will allow us to utilise the expertise in the market in improving transport services. Our most extensive intelligent transport project is the E18 Green, Smart Growth Corridor which will not only bring wealth and business activities to its impact area, but also serve as an important link between the EU and Russia.

Alongside these, we will also present a number of other future transport services at the ITS Europe seminar to be held in Helsinki in summer 2014. Finland is a sparsely-populated country, and our traffic volumes are low. This is why we aim to make our transport system the most efficient and intelligent system in the world.