Carbon Offset at International Transport Forum Summits

A COEmission Responsible Summit

Each year the carbon (CO2) emissions generated by the on-site activities of the International Transport Forum’s Annual Summit are offset by purchasing carbon credits.

The International Transport Forum invests in climate protection projects which generate carbon credits. These projects have as a minimum a Gold Standard in Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER). The Gold Standard is a standard implemented by an international non-profit organisation. The climate protection projects supported comply with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and provide CER (Certified Emission Reduction), an official carbon credit of the UNFCCC.

Participants can contribute to offsetting their CO2 emissions.

Each Summit participant has the opportunity to offset their share of CO2 emissions generated at the Annual Summit by paying a voluntary COoffset charge during the Summit registration process.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, the International Transport Forum has worked with DHL’s Go Green initiative. 

International Transport Forum Climate Change Project Investments 

2008: Hydro Power Plant in Brazil
2009: Wind Farm in East China
2010: Biomass Power in India
2011: Solar Lamps in India (certificate)
2012: Power from Waste Water in Thailand (certificate)
2013: Summit carbon offset certificate